Group Classes

In our classes, you’ll exercise in the company of others, work your butt off, and build a stronger body.

Might sound like other fitness studios, but here’s what makes us different:

Small class size

Small class size

  • No more than 8 people per class.
  • Gives you the camaraderie of moaning and groaning with others without getting lost in the crowd.
Personalized Group Training

Personalized Group Training

  • Everybody does the exercises, but you do it at your own pace, working to challenge yourself in a sensible way.
  • Robert attends to everyone individually, helping with form and giving encouragement.
The Seven Foundations

The Seven Foundations

  • Each exercise session incorporates one or more of the seven foundations of being Younger Than Last Year (Mindset, Breathing, Fuel, Mobility/Flexibility, Strength, Rest and Recovery, Passion).
  • We want you to build long-term healthy habits, so don’t be surprised if you get a homework assignment to aid your growth outside of class.

Class Schedule

Monday       7–8AM; 10:30–11:30AM
Wednesday  7–8AM; 10:30–11:30AM
Friday          7–8AM; 10:30–11:30AM
Saturday      10:30–11:30AM


For $165, you get a month of classes.

How many classes is that?

We recommend attending three classes per week, so if you do that, you’ll get approximately 12-13 classes a month, depending on the month. That’s about $12.50-$13.75 per class. You can attend fewer classes each week, if you’d like, but no more than three.